Developing National Standards for Cancer Survivorship Care

Upcoming Livestream


As part of the Biden Administration’s Cancer Moonshotsm and the President’s Cancer Cabinet, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Veterans Affairs (VA), in collaboration with several other Department of Health and Human Services agencies, are developing national standards for survivorship care. The goal of this project is to define standards for (1) essential health system policy and process components of survivorship care programs; and (2) evaluation of the quality of survivorship care.

Attendance at the meeting is by invitation only, but all are welcome to view the discussion live at the following links:

November 29 -
Background information; introduction to the project; individual polling to rate the importance of each survivorship indicator; and identify other indicators for consideration and rating.

December 6 - 
Presentation of Meeting 1 poll results and the edited list of possible indicators; open discussion; individual polling to identify the five most important indicators within each domain.

December 12 -
Presentation of Meeting 2 poll results and top prioritized indicators; open discussion on which indicators are a priority, are feasible, and are achievable to implement within a healthcare system; finalize individual polling to rank the five most important indicators within each domain.