Journey Mapping

Innovation Approaches to Tackle Public Health and Community Challenges
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Systems problems, by definition, are complex and can seem impossible to tackle. However, there are tools and innovative approaches that might help public health professionals and partners make progress on these problems. Join us for a 3 part webinar series to learn tools and approaches for tackling large-scale community challenges, from maternal health to opioid overdoses. building off the identified parts of the ecosystem, in the third webinar, we’ll journey map the current, as well as the ideal, situation. From there, we can look at the gaps between the two states and ideate possible solutions.

Now that we have a clear picture of what the problem is and who the problem affects, we are going to explore the weeds of it through journey mapping. This is done by walking through each step of the experience that accompanies your problem as it currently exists, paying particular attention to the pain points which can become opportunities. For example, you might consider the current experiences that community members have when trying to access fresh and healthy food in their neighborhood. The first step may be online research to find local, and affordable food sources. A pain point that could be identified is that people don’t know what to search or where to look. Using this same process, we will comparatively make an ideal experience, then contrast the two to identify possible solutions.

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