Right-Sizing Problem Statements

Innovation Approaches to Tackle Public Health and Community Challenges
Upcoming Webinar


Systems problems, by definition, are complex and can seem impossible to tackle. However, there are tools and innovative approaches that might help public health professionals and partners make progress on these problems. Join us for a 3 part webinar series to learn tools and approaches for tackling large-scale community challenges, from maternal health to opioid overdoses. The second webinar will cover right-sizing your problem so that you can effectively approach and tackle it.

We often approach problems with the aim to solve everything at once. How often do we hear people saying they are passionate about solving big issues like ‘climate change’ or ‘vaccine hesitancy’? The sentiment of this instinct is good, however, we live in a deeply interconnected world full of complex problems. It is never as simple as we want to be. In order to optimize the efficiency of solutions, it’s crucial to strategically narrow down problem statements, which through problem exploration, peer support, and the 5Ws, we will do in this session.

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