Stakeholder Mapping

Innovation Approaches to Tackle Public Health and Community Challenges
Upcoming Webinar


Systems problems, by definition, are complex and can seem impossible to tackle. However, there are tools and innovative approaches that might help public health professionals and partners make progress on these problems. Join us for a 3 part webinar series to learn tools and approaches for tackling large-scale community challenges, from maternal health to opioid overdoses. In the first webinar, we will cover stakeholder mapping and how understanding the whole ecosystem of players can help you decide who to include in co-creating solutions and what communications approaches to use. 

The innovation approach is human-centric, so to start we need to first and foremost be centering those affected by the issue. We do this through stakeholder mapping. This goes beyond just identifying one single ‘user’, but rather steps back to look at the multiple tiers of stakeholders and explore how they all relate and affect each other. This is one of the foundational pieces of fully understanding and reevaluating challenges. 

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