Data and Statistics

This chartbook provides data variations in US population health in rural areas across all Census regions and states.
These chronic disease indicators are a set of surveillance indicators created to enable public health professionals and policymakers to retrieve uniformly defined state-level data for chronic diseases and risk factors. 
These interactive tools allow people to access health data at the census tract, city level, and congressional level.
These resources will help you advance health equity in your community.
To assist public health practitioners and attorneys across state, Tribal, and local governments in the use of data to advance health equity, the Network has produced a legal handbook that addresses the role of law in collecting and disseminating public health data disaggregated by race and…
This special section of the American Cancer Society Cancer Facts & Figures 2022 focuses on cancer in the American Indian and Alaska Native population.
This short video presents statistics on cancer survivors in the United States.
This study builds upon and tracks findings from previous years to better understand the differences in survivor attitudes, experiences, and needs.
The American Lung Association’s State of Lung Cancer report shows the toll lung cancer takes on each state in the country.
The schema incorporates 30 research strategies across three pillars to establish a new paradigm to stimulate research for improving minority health and closing the gaps in health disparities.